Storming Donations Now Tax Deductible Through Fiscal Sponsorship

We are thrilled to announce Storming has been awarded a fiscal sponsorship through Scribe Video Center, making all new contributions from individual donors and sponsors eligible for tax-deductible donations.

Donors contributing $250 or more to the production of Storming are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting our Tax-Deductible Donation page. The contributions made through our fiscal sponsor will go towards the essential costs of production including crew, equipment rentals, insurance and travel expenses.

Our GoFundMe campaign is still open for smaller donations to keep our crew operating on a daily basis. Please visit the Donate page to see which donation option is best for you.

We’ve been working very hard to secure fiscal sponsorship as early as possible and are so incredibly grateful for our early donors who have selflessly gotten us off the ground and well into production with initial donations. Previous donations made through our GoFundMe campaign are ineligible for this tax-deduction.

What Exactly is a Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is when a non-profit selects an organization, artist or project whose values are inline with their mission statement and sponsors the project, allowing fundraising using the non-profit organization's 501(c)(3) status. This allows us as filmmakers to receive grants and large donations under the umbrella of non-profit status, so that contributions like yours can be tax-deductible.

About Scribe Video Center:

Scribe Video Center, a non-profit organization founded in December of 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seeks to explore, develop and advance the use of electronic media, including video and audio, as artistic media and as tools for progressive social change. "Scribe" is a metaphor for the use of electronic recording technologies as a modern tool to document significant contemporary concerns and events.