Hopelessness isn’t an option for Ken and Sue Diviney, who provide 24-hour care in their basement-turned-rehab facility for their son who maybe, just maybe, will one day emerge from a decade long coma.

In Storming , we will follow the daily lives and challenges of Ken and Sue Diviney 10 years following a tragic attack which left their son Ryan comatose with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The film will offer an intimate look into Ryan’s perpetual care regimen crafted by his innovative father Ken, who's devoted his life’s work to maintaining Ryan’s physical state and struggles with the idea of legacy and fatherhood lost on his son. Ryan’s gentle mother Sue is the poster child of hope, convinced Ryan is still “in there” waiting to emerge back into consciousness. They sacrifice the life they once knew in a fighting attempt to keep both Ryan and his story alive. 

The film will explore the ambiguity of “life” for those suffering from an extreme TBI along with the complex dialogue and often controversial decision-making required of those who love them.

With supporting narratives from family, medical experts, friends, and others, the audience will follow the Divineys' tenacious fight to maintain Ryan's health as the clock ticks toward an unlikely recovery while his attackers live free. After nearly 10 years of fulfilling a promise to their son, they struggle to answer the ultimate question: Have they done all they can?