Storming will challenge the traditional conversation of the “right to life” through an often unseen perspective of those affected by severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In the matter of a moment, our roles in life can change. From parents to children to siblings to grandchildren, many of us will one day find ourselves caring for a loved one. This film seeks to show the true power of love and hope for when that day comes.

By documenting the outcome of one family’s decision to continue intensive at-home care for their son, the film seeks to compel viewers to ask themselves: what does "life" mean? Unlike many “right to die” and “pull the plug” cases which have made national headlines, Ryan’s case is unique in that there is no “plug” to pull. His current state does not require the use of a ventilator to sustain life, and to let him die would mean to starve him of nutrients - an action Ken Diviney considers murder.

Storming will highlight common, detrimental misconceptions of long-term comas and give voice to those stranded alone between brain states fighting to emerge back into consciousness. The film seeks to raise awareness of the medical and ethical challenges millions of families face dealing with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and consciousness. Even with nearly 3 million TBI cases reported each year in the United States alone, treatment is often isolated, expensive and extremely physically and emotionally demanding on caretakers. Storming will share the innovative therapy regimen Ken has constructed to keep Ryan in top physical condition for his potential recovery in the hopes of educating others who are facing similar medical situations.

Thanks to a constant regimen of physical therapies, Ryan’s physical state is unparalleled to others in a similarly vegetative state and has exceeded the life expectancy of someone in his condition. Even with the incredible level of care provided by Ken, each year, chances of Ryan’s recovery decrease and life-threatening infections increase..
This means we need to act now to give Ryan and the Diviney family a means to share their powerful story.